Mou Boots: For a Pleasurable Winter Experience
12 Oct

Mou Boots: For a Pleasurable Winter Experience

Warm and cozy is the feeling that one years for during winter season. The fall in temperature invigorates one to layer themselves up with Thermal underwear, Wool Shirt, Hooded Jackets, parkas (or Balaclavas), Headgear or Mittens, etc. Boots have already tip-toed their way into a woman’s wardrobe. They signify fashion statement in any season they are worn.

Fashion Evolution of Boots

Fashion is all about re-inventing the comfort quotient. Each component of an everyday wear undergoes a paradigm shift with new additions by designers. In the fashion world, boots have evolved from time to time. From a cowboy’s style statement in the 1860s, shoe designers have marveled at the fashion industry by introducing new styles of boots (particularly for women).

All about Mou Boots

Winter is the season to flaunt your boots. Mou boots add an altogether new dimension to the boot concept. To fight the cold weather, designers have been using sheepskin in the creation of boots and add a warm texture to it.

One may stumble upon many synonyms of mou boots (or sheepskin boots) while in Australia. Funny huh!

Trending in the global market, Mou boots are –

Considered the best ensemble to protect your feet in cold weather. 
Remarkably comfortable and soft on the feet. 
Either worn for a casual chic look or a playful Eskimo look. 
Easily paired with Jeans (including boot-cut, skinny and distressed versions), Tights, Leggings, and even a Skirt.
Crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions with high-quality ingredients (like Ethylene-Vinyl acetate).
Known to accentuate the overall style element when worn with a pair of stockings or a leather jacket. 
Easy-to-clean. Just use a brush to dust off the foreign elements and you are good to go.
Made with superior quality elastic. They are meant to hold their grip on slippery platforms (whether it is ice or a slippery floor or a clammy street).
Handcrafted footwear using techniques like stitching, shearling or mini. 
Available in many versatile forms and looks like sewed trim boots, Eskimo sneakers, fringed baby Eskimo bootie, galaxy wedge Eskimo, etc. 
Waterproof in nature. 
Eco-friendly and ethical goods which fall well within the category of a luxurious footwear. 
Also designed for children, so that they can play and enjoy the snowfall in style. 
Listed under many categories like Metallic, Velvet, and Crystals.


When to wear Mou Boots?

Given the extent of craftsmanship involved in the making of Mou boots, one can just run their imagination wild when exploring places wearing them. 

Now that you have already bought a few Mou boots and are on a traveling spree, you can wear them while- 

You are skiing across Whistler Ski Resort, Canada.  
Hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. 

Designers did not relinquish their creative hats while introducing embellishments to the simple looks of a mou boot. Mou boots with studs and crystals elevated the overall vintage look of the person wearing them against an all-white nature
s background (snow and ice). 

Winters are never too boring if you have a pair or two of Mou boots in your wardrobe. Its contour, color, and style easily resonates with winter wears and gives you a defining, dynamic, and jealous look. Why not go shopping for your set of Mou boots today?