30 Oct


Shelley Tichbourne founded mou boots in 2002 in London. Mou boots were created using original designs as a comfortable and luxurious boot option, especially for those living in big cities but also suitable for the lovers of boots. Mou is a French word meaning soft and these boots are most certainly soft and very comfy and pleasing to the touch. Mou boots are hand-crafted using ethical and Eco-friendly produced leathers taken from a range of different animals. The inner linings are fitted out to offer maximum comfort and the exterior is finished off with quality materials that ensure the boots are long lasting. The finishing touches to mou boots include fur, tussles, laces, zips and buckles. All these are made for the purpose of adding style and for practical use.

They are seamlessly sown together complimented by a sturdy but gentle rubber sole and offered in an array of natural and appealing colors. Mou boots are offered in men, women and children collections each containing a variety of different models. Obviously, the women's collection is by far the most plentiful, but that is not to say that men and children do not have a number of models of their own to choose from.

There are many models and styles to choose from which makes it hard to mention. One of the most popular is the Mou Eskimo. They come in different in different styles such as eskimo man; eskimo fringe, tall and sneaker for women; Eskimo sneaker kid and even eskimo baby. This eskimo range is probably so well liked due to the fact that it offers boots with an ideal combination of both warmth and functionality. They are also one of the waterproof boots in the mou brand, which obviously makes them very versatile. Initially, mou boots were created with a view to being worn as comfortable, good looking city boots in the cold and bad weather.

Through time their popularity has grown through word of mouth, the range has increased and expanded and now there are boots to suit all sorts of tastes and activities. There are some types of mou boots that can be worn while hunting or fishing with the aim of protecting the feet. Some of the models are ideal for winter sports, such as snowmobiling. As much as mou sale are preferably worn by people who love sporting even for those who are not lovers of sports have great options for protecting the feet from cold, wet and snow as well as simply wearing the boots to make a fashion statement. Mou boots are normally on offer with different prices r depending on the model. Sales are often made online where boots can be bought at reduced prices.

Mou boots may not be the cheapest boots but they are what to expect in terms of a quality product. Overall then after fifteen years in the market we can say that mou boots is already an established name in the quality boot sector. Taking into consideration the fact that many big name stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz are customers, the conclusion is that they are a significant boot brand worth giving a try.

Mou boots are a must have during the winter which could be much debate as to the most important item in somebody's wardrobe. They are easy to clean as they can deal with a lot of water without getting flooded and to safeguard the boots shading one utilizes the same shading softened cowhide which keeps them looking great and prepared to go. This makes the boots walk able anytime it is required.