5 Suggestions of Boots Outfits Idea for 2018
6 Oct

5 Suggestions of Boots Outfits Idea for 2018

With Christmas fast approaching; ice underfoot and snow falling, ballet flats and high heels just wont cut it. Winter chill is very harmful that is why theres so much emphasis on proper dressing. Slushing through the slippery surfaces and slushy pavements requires some serious foot wear, one that will keep your feet warm and hold the grip. MOU boots will obviously be the first thing that comes to mind in this kind of weather to persons with good fashion taste.

MOU boots are a type of shoes designed in England that cover the foot to the ankle. Production can be traced back to Manchester where large factories produced the shoes. This was before popularity spread its production to the rest of the world with Canada being one the first beneficiaries.

This is due to the long winters experienced all through the year due to the country’s geographical location. Matching winter outfits with boots can be quite exhausting. Here are tips on how to pair MOU boots with winter outfits to look more stylish than ever.

1. Boot cut jeans.

Here there are two critical style tips to remember: Get the right jeans length. The recommended distance is 1 or 2 inches above the floor. The jeans should not be too short or too long or they might end up touching the floor; Get the jeans to nicely lie over the boots. Its best to match your MOU boots with some dim pants, this makes the legs look slimmer. This is a case where one has no cut jeans in the wardrobe.

2. Tights.

Matching boots with tights gives one an extraordinary look. It’s even better when you throw a nice cardigan or combine both with a sweater dress. The easy going feeling created by the boots should be enhanced by wearing something nice and classy such as a layered dress.

3. Skinny jeans.

Tall dark boots and some washy skinny jeans are a great combination especially on a cold winter afternoon. Not only do they make you look up to date, they are also simple and light. We all know no one loves the feeling of heavy wet clothing on him/her especially on a winter breeze.

This can be matched with a classy hat, dark coloured sweater and a shading scarf. A light coloured hat is advisable to make sure you stand out from the dull atmosphere. Level riding boots can also do well with this outfit.

4. Skirt.

Everyone knows that matching some nice boots and a nice skirt gives you a gorgeous look. Black suede long boots, a light blue miniskirt, long white court and a blue sweater gives you the perfect winter outfit combo. Thigh high boots are not advisable as they aren’t suitable here but a scarf over the combination is advisable.

5. Leggings.

A stunning look would be a combination of (fur) boots and black leggings. This combination can be enhanced by a matching scarf which is one of the most stylish winter outfit. Here the scarf will definitely stand out as there is not much to look at in leggings. A huge winter scarf will be preferable as an extra look.